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Welcome to Picton, Ontario, the heart and soul of Prince Edward County. 

I like to think of Prince Edward County as the Manhattan of Belleville. Sure, we’re different regional jurisdiction, but the vibe is the same 🙂

Okay, so maybe my comparison of our island county to the biggest city on earth is not so ideal. But where they have population and big business -> We have Picton, and all the heart we’d ever need.

Adventures in Prince Edward County

I first discovered the treasure trove of PEC when I was visiting my in-laws just up north of Belleville. They live in Madoc, but trips to Belleville are rather frequent when visiting. Seeing as how Madoc is lacking many vital essentials and amenities for us travellers.

On one of these trips to Belleville, we managed to stay south on Hwy 62, and ended up crossing over into Rossmore. And so began our intrigue with Prince Edward County

From there we drove on to Picton, and were delighted to make our way to what looked like an outdoor open house super BBQ. Complete with rows of picnic tables, and multiple food truck style vehicles emblazoned with the Barn and Country Catering logo on the side.

For a Picton and Prince Edward County get together, Barn and Country Catering really seem to hit the nail on the head.

Picton Ontario


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